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Custom Experiences

We deliver custom ecological education experiences. We like to overlay the story and knowledge of fungi to both in-person and online sessions.


However, our sessions aren’t always focused on only on mushrooms. We weave the metaphor of fungi through out many ways of inspiring people to work more closely with the earth. 

Here at MycoReality, we are all about fostering community and creating opportunities for collaboration and celebration.

We are here for each other, just like the mycelial network.

We host and deliver a variety of sessions for diverse types of clients.

For corporations, universities and organisations:

- leadership keynotes and training

- sustainability experiences

- Fungi Futures and MycoCircularity talks

For local councils and gardening groups:

- Mushrooms as food and medicine talks

- How to grow your own talks

- Fungi Futures and MycoCircularity talks

Whatever your organisation and audience we can design something to suit your situation.


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