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Learn About Mushrooms

Want to learn more about mushrooms? We offer a number of different talks designed to share knowledge and skills to help us collaborate with fungi for a mutually beneficial future.


Grow Your Own Mushrooms Talk

Learn everything you need to know about growing your own mushrooms. This talk focuses on the bucket method of mushroom growing and goes into detail on home grower start-up considerations.


Fungi Futures

Find out more about how we can save the planet with mushrooms. From mycelium-based building products to whole new sources of food and alternative proteins, mushrooms are making it clear that when we collaborate with them, we have a chance for a brighter future.

Join us to learn about the properties of fungi as proteins, materials, medicines, food sources, and most importantly as an agent of myco-bioremediation in the environment.



In this talk, we explore fungi and their role in our ecology and future. We tour the multitude of global innovators and developers incorporating fungi into aspects of their organisation and product lifecycle. Following the talk, we undertake a facilitated group future visioning activity, in which we dream up and sketch out a myco-circular business model.

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