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Learn About Yourself Through the Metaphor of Mushrooms

The metaphor of fungi can help us learn, grow, solve problems and unearth more about ourselves and the world around us. Using the lens of fungi, we offer workshops including:



MycoStrategy is your plan to spore the word with your essence and your projects come to life. We help you:

  • Illuminate all the projects on your plate (spores)

  • Identify how you can help them grow into mycelium

  • Get the right nutrients and resources to your spores so they can fruit

You take home a  personalised MycoStrategy.


MycoLeadership: Fungi for Systems Change

Fungi and leaders play a uniquely widespread and collaborative role across very diverse parts of networks.

Using lessons from mycelium, we can adopt an approach to systems change that enables us to be collaborative holistic leaders capable of rallying and scaling change.

Modules in this workshop include:

  • Why is it hard to change a system?

  • What can we learn from fungi’s role in nature’s systems?

  • How can we be better leaders by putting into practice the lessons from fungi?


Lessons from Fungi Ecology and Intelligence

We provide a series of stories and examples of fungi's unique ecological functions and specialised intelligences that can inspire innovation and behaviour change in our audience. 

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