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The Future is Fungi.

We are on a mission to help you save the world with fungi.

Our dreams are spores on the wind.

MycoReality is a mycelium-inspired conversation firm specializing in fungi education. We are on a mission to help you save the world with fungi!



Learn About Mushrooms


Learn About Yourself Through the Metaphor of Mushrooms

Learn About Mushrooms

Our talks explore the many facets of fungi and the multitude of ways we can collaborate with them. You can learn how to grow your own mushrooms, explore fungi as agents of myco-bioremediation and learn how fungi can help us live more sustainably. 

Our Talks Include: 

- Grow Your Own Mushrooms

- Fungi Futures (the many ways we can integrate fungi into our lives for a brighter future)

- MycoCircularity (the many ways fungi can help us transition to closed-loop sustainable systems)

Learn About Yourself Through the Metaphor of Mushrooms

Using the lens of fungi in the ecosystem, we run sessions in which you can develop your own MycoStrategy, build your Systems Leadership skills and knowledge, and discover your purpose.

Our Workshops Include: 

- MycoStrategy

- Systems Leadership

- Lessons from Fungi Ecology and Intelligence


Custom Experiences


Custom Educational Events

Custom Experiences

Have a group that needs a different and memorable experience to inspire more systems change, sustainable behaviours, or something else?

Do you want to move the needle and create an impactful outcome with a unique experience?

We can help you craft a nature focused, eco-educational experience that plugs into and supports your strategy and narratives.

Custom Educational Talks and Workshops

If you have an audience we can design something to suit your group or event. We will sit with you and understand your needs and targeted audience outcomes. We will then design and deliver to suit you.

We draw on a large and varied network of skilled event producers, speakers, and generally cool folks who do amazing work.

We can accommodate most contexts:

In person or virtual

Indoors or outdoors

Quick or in-depth

Audio, visual, or kinaesthetic

All ages, cultures, and abilities

Questions? Enquiries? 

Follow us on social media or send us an inquiry. We'd love to hear from you.

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