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 Alicia Dudek, Fungi Fanatic and Founder

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Alicia Dudek is an executive management consultant specialising in innovation and now the founder of MycoReality, a mycelium inspired conversations firm. With an expanding crew of collaborators she creates events, programs, and experiences that help us connect more with the natural world. 

Her passion for fungi is a part of her Polish heritage and upbringing, and throughout her life she has had the privilege to collect knowledge from a great number of teachers.  From learning how to grow oyster mushrooms in your own backyard, to envisioning a future where every object we produce has fungi in its lifecycle, she is keen on transforming our way of life into a true MYCOREALITY.  

Alicia has spoken at  Sydney Climate Action Week, and guest lectures at the University of Sydney School Of Architecture, Design, and Planning in Biodesign and User Research. She has also co-taught a course on creativity and innovation for the University of Sydney MBA. 


She runs fungi workshops and trainings for Sydney local councils, including Willoughby and North Sydney. Alicia was on a Future of Food panel at Singularity University and a keynote speaker at the Fungi x Botanica exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. 

Her current projects focus on applied systems thinking, co-visioning a circular economy, and championing fungi futures. The work Alicia does with teams brings empathy into organisations to help inform, inspire, and initiate innovation helping us take care of our planet and ourselves. 

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