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What Do We Do? 

MycoReality is a fungi and ecological education organisation.  We design and deliver talks and experiences to inspire you to work with fungi. Our aim is to share knowledge that helps us collaborate with fungi for a mutually beneficial future.


Fungi can solve challenging and complex problems. We provide talks, interactive sessions, content and speakers, who share their expertise and understanding of fungi and their role in nature. Drawing on the lessons from nature, and bringing people together through fungi, we hope to increase empathy and understanding.

Examples of what we offer:

  • Talks on how to grow mushrooms for garden groups and eco-educational purposes

  • Educational sessions exploring our Fungi Futures, looking at fungi as proteins, materials, medicines, food sources, and most importantly as agents of Myco-bioremediation in the environment

  • MycoCircularity talks and workshops to inspire people on how fungi can help us be more sustainable and help fight climate change

  • Using the lens of fungi in the ecosystem, we inspire better leadership of our systems through our innovative Systems Leadership module.

We can custom design and overlay the story and knowledge of fungi to almost any topic and application. We can make fungi relevant to anything.

Past Projects

Fungi Futures Talk at

Fungi x Botanica exhibition

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

An exhibition unearthing the intriguing world of Art x Science in the Gardens

To a sold out audience at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, we explored how we can save the planet with mushrooms. From mycelium-based building products to whole new sources of food and alternative proteins. We toured the multitude of global innovators and developers incorporating fungi into aspects of their organisation and product lifecycle. We covered how mushrooms are making it clear that when we collaborate with them, we have a chance for a brighter future. 


BioDesign Fundamentals Guest Lecture: Myco-Circularity

University of Sydney

BioDesign integrates human-centred design thinking methods with cutting-edge research to create innovative solutions to complex problems. Alicia taught students at the University of Sydney about mycelial affordances and their potential to facilitate closed-loop systems. Following the talk, we undertook a facilitated group future visioning activity, in which we dreamt up and sketched out myco-circular business models.

Systems Leadership: How to lead systems change by learning from fungi's role in the world

Large Australian Corporations

For private corporate cohorts of emerging leaders, MycoReality runs intensive systems leadership workshops or provides keynotes. Using lessons from mycelium we adopt an approach to systems change that enables us to be collaborative holistic leaders capable of rallying and scaling change. 
Modules in this session include: 
- Why is it hard to change a system? 
- What can we learn from fungi’s role in nature’s systems? 
- How can we be better leaders by putting into practice the lessons from fungi?

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